Musical Jingles

If you're considering radio, congratulations! Radio remains a superb way to get your message out to a broad demographic effectively - and cost effectively. There are three things you need to "do radio right" :

  1. Get the listeners attention so they focus on your message
  2. Target results with a  specific offer listeners can respond to
  3. Get into listeners' subconcious so they remember you when they are ready to buy

There is one - and ONLY one - technique that has proven time and time again to accomplish #1 and #3 superbly, and that is a musical jingle. Jingles touch listeners emotionally with the power of song and frankly, everyone remembers a musical hook they've heard a few times.

Here's why : You don't remember SPEECHES, you remember SONGS!

If you're interested in a musical signature that will make your advertising far more effective, check out our demo reel, then give us a call!

Premier Media Jingle Demo Reel

Jingle FAQs

Can you explain the packages / cost in greater detail?

Sure. Our goal is to make the powerful impact of a catchy jingle available to ANY advertiser!

The Gold Standard is the "fullsing" jingle. We take your key selling points and craft a catchy song with a memorable tag (slogan or company name) that listeners will remember. We edit this into a number of variations where vocals are dropped out to make room for voiceover. You'll wind up with 7-15 cuts typically, and special edits are no problem.

Typical total cost : $2-5k with most clients falling in the $2500 price range.

Do I really need a full song?

Our feeling is that if you are launching a new brand, the full song pays for itself many times over, but if you already have a well established brand identity and/or want to keep your cost as low as possible, you can get away with a simpler and more affordable Donut / Tag package. The idea is that you get a package of donuts and tags with your musical name and slogan without the full song - most of the benefit with a lower cost of entry ($1299 to be exact).

Here's what's included in the package :  7 Cuts - Client name and/or slogan sung at front and tail

30 Donut / Tag / Bed
60 Donut / Tag / Bed
60 Double Donut

The main thing is - JINGLES WORK and pay for themselves many times over! If you want the benefits of high impact, attention getting, more memorable advertising, we can find a way to get you taken care of! Call us at 260-489-4212 with any questions. We look forward to helping you make your advertising as impactful as possible!