Musical Jingles

If you're considering radio, congratulations! Radio remains a superb way to get your message out to a broad demographic very cost effectively. There are three things you need to "do radio right" :

  1. Get the listeners attention so they focus on your message
  2. Target results with a  specific offer listeners can respond to
  3. Get into listeners' subconcious so they remember you when they are ready to buy

There is one - and ONLY one - technique that has proven time and time again to accomplish #1 and #3 superbly, and that is a musical jingle. Jingles touch listeners emotionally with the power of song and frankly, everyone remembers a musical hook they've heard a few times.

Here's why : You don't remember SPEECHES, you remember SONGS!

If you're interested in a musical signature that will make your advertising far more effective, check out our demo reel, then give us a call!

Premier Media Jingle Demo Reel