Musical Jingles

If you're considering radio, congratulations! Radio remains a superb way to get your message out to a broad demographic effectively - and cost effectively. There are three things you need to "do radio right" :

  1. Get the listeners attention so they focus on your message
  2. Target results with a  specific offer listeners can respond to
  3. Get into listeners' subconcious so they remember you when they are ready to buy

There is one - and ONLY one - technique that has proven time and time again to accomplish #1 and #3 superbly, and that is a musical jingle. Jingles touch listeners emotionally with the power of song and frankly, everyone remembers a musical hook they've heard a few times.

Here's why : You don't remember SPEECHES, you remember SONGS!

If you're interested in a musical signature that will make your advertising far more effective, check out our demo reel, then give us a call!

Premier Media Jingle Demo Reel

Jingle FAQs

Can you explain the packages / cost in greater detail?

Sure. Our goal is to make the powerful impact of a catchy jingle available to ANY advertiser!

The Gold Standard is the "fullsing" jingle. We take your key selling points and craft a catchy song with a memorable tag (slogan or company name) that listeners will remember. We edit this into a number of variations where vocals are dropped out to make room for voiceover. You'll wind up with 7-15 cuts typically, and special edits are no problem.

Typical total cost : $2-5k with most clients falling in the $2500 price range.

Do I really need a full song?

Our feeling is that if you are launching a new brand, the full song pays for itself many times over, but if you already have a well established brand identity and/or want to keep your cost as low as possible, you can get away with a simpler and more affordable Donut / Tag package. The idea is that you get a package of donuts and tags with your musical name and slogan without the full song - most of the benefit with a lower cost of entry ($1299 to be exact).

Here's what's included in the package :  7 Cuts - Client name and/or slogan sung at front and tail

30 Donut / Tag / Bed
60 Donut / Tag / Bed
60 Double Donut

The main thing is - JINGLES WORK and pay for themselves many times over! If you want the benefits of high impact, attention getting, more memorable advertising, we can find a way to get you taken care of! Call us at 260-489-4212 with any questions. We look forward to helping you make your advertising as impactful as possible!

What are the Licensing Terms - Do I "own" the jingle?

Well, we retain "ownership" because it's our copywritten piece of intellectual property. And we may want to use the same music for another client in another market. We have not had a "collision" in 30 years (that would be a situation where you hear your music with different lyrics i.e. another client - in your own listening area). For the standard price, you are licensing the jingle for your exclusive use in your market (typically that means for 100 miles around you) in perpetuity.

If you want to license a jingle for a wider geographical area (national comes to mind) then we need to discuss what that would cost. The basic pricing assumes you are planning to use the jingle in a single geographical region. Nobody sells "national" jingles for these prices ;)