Binary Studio

To support Steve's growth objectives, Binary Studio needed to establish it's brand identity in a very specialized niche market. Clearly a website was an important part of the task at hand. Here's Steve's words :

"My first attempt was really for a presentation that I gave to Whirlpool about eight years ago. There was nice eye-candy, but anyone who didn't already know my work was at a loss to understand what my core disciplines or niche are. A design director at Bissell suggested that I update it to really show my process. My second attempt got the point across but, frankly, it was butt ugly. I asked Dave to have a look at the verbiage for me since he is so good at getting ideas/concepts across in a much more fluid way and in fewer words then most are able to."

One of the first goals was to come up with a distinct logo/icon concept. We kept these ideas in mind :

- Create a logo with a long shelf life, simple and bold
- Capture the edgy feel of computer graphics (glowing blue light)
- Don't be TOO edgy. Steve's actually a pretty funny guy (hence the round loopy shape with the mouse cable)
- Remember, Steve sits and clicks a mouse all day when he's not one-on-one with clients

Having established an identity concept that we were excited about, we proceeded to build a modern, standards compliant web design to match. We also wrote most of the verbage that appears in the site to tell the Binary Studio story, and finally we edited an attractive demo reel based on still imagery provided by Steve.

"Not only did Dave create an excellent looking professional site for me but he also created a logo that I can use for business cards, LinkedIN icon, YouTube icon, and any other community I become a member of. The amazing part is how quickly he put it together. I now have a website that I am very comfortable sending to potential customers knowing that they will know exactly what my niche is and how I can support them. What Dave accomplished typically takes a whole team of people to do and it often takes weeks or months to have completed to this level."

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