Hendrix Wire & Cable

Hendrix Wire and Cable is one of the world's leaders in high power distribution infrastructure. 
Here is the description from their website:

"From cables to spacers to insulators, our products are the foundation for highly reliable power distribution circuits. When you use Hendrix power distribution solutions, total owning and operating cost is significantly reduced, translating into improved Return on Investment, year after year."

We were commissioned us to completely update their video-based training targeted to utility personnel installing and maintaining Hendrix high power cable systems.

First we developed a complete voice over script for the entire hour long presentation, separated into several topical "chapters". This served as a guidleline for capturing the right content during a week long video shoot at Hendrix' Marshall, Michigan training facility. Then we developed a variety of titles, motion graphics and animated elements to support and clarify the information conveyed in the video.

Our philosophy was "Say it, Show it, Support it"; the combination of video, voice and printed word all working together provided Hendrix Corporation with a powerful training resource that was much clearer and more effective than what they had  previously had.

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Corporate Imaging As an Added Bonus...

When we do corporate video projects, we find it's good practice to bring the still camera along no matter what. By judiciously capturing key moments, you have additional assets that may come in handy when editing video. In the case of Hendrix corporation, they were so impressed with the pictures that they purchased the entire collection for their archives in case they ever want to draw upon them (essentially as clipart) for future powerpoint presentations, etc.