The 18 Month Window

Dan Phillips and I wrote and directed "The 18 Month Window". This family drama is tentatively slated to air on Parables, a television network devoted to faith-based films, in late 2009 or early 2010.


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Dan Phillips championed our meticulous approach to audio, a weak point for many independent films. In the case of the 18 Month Window, we chose to "loop" the entire film. That means every single line of dialogue was painstakingly re-recorded in a studio. And of course, a lot of attention was paid to the music and sound effects, which I composed and assembled over several weeks of post production.

Being a location-based family drama, the film didn't require much in the way of special effects, but in this particular scene we did have to create a virtual environment to simulate a recording studio interior. The background was all created on the computer. Shooting in HD really paid off here, as it gave us the pixel resolution we needed to make a clean shot :

Natalie Weese as Joleena Grant

Here are a few more stills from the film : 

Al Lopez as Rick Ramirez

Sharon Nelson as RaeAnn Ramirez

David Matthew Weese as Tom Grant 

Officer Paul McBride as himself