Unified Wealth & Retirement Planning

Marsha Harris, founder and President of Unified Wealth & Retirement Planning, was going through a complete re-brand process and name change. For her, that meant new everything : new website, stationery, business cards, message on hold, you get the idea.

It was imperitive that the process be highly creative and well coordinated, so she could achieve her unique brand vision and make a seamless transition.

The project would involve photography, logo/icon design, 3D Modeling and rendering, ad copywriting, audio production - all working together to support her shift in direction.

As we discussed her needs, there had to have been half a dozen moments where Marsha said something along these lines : "You can do that, too?!?". Here are her own words :

“A collaboration made in Heaven….Dave and Premier Media Design turned my rebranding nightmare into a dream! 

"As a small business owner trying to balance many demands on a daily basis, it was imperative that I partner with a true professional who would understand my goals and limitations and have the ability to work independently to achieve the desired results. 

"There were numerous benefits to their “one-stop-shop” approach and turn-key system, which made the process of transitioning to my new brand quite seamless.  Having ONE point of contact for my on-hold messaging, photography, website design and business card/stationery design, provided efficiency and ensured that the project would be completed in a timely and more importantly, cost-effective manner.  The unbelievable talent and expertise of Dave Weese and his staff transformed my vision into reality!”

The Icon

This was a particularly interesting aspect of Marsha's rebrand. She had something similar to this that another artist had developed, but it looked somewhat amateurish. She wanted to adapt and improve it in keeping with the more upscale "unified" image.

Initially I really didn't "get" it. I could see how the recursive ring concept sort of spoke to the idea of a "Unified" service provider, but I commented that it looked to me like some sort of Southwestern Indian jewelry or something.

Well, guess what? Marsha is actually of Native American descent. So, to my stunned surprise, it turned out I really did get it even when I thought I didn't! Having that iconic imagery was important to her personally, so we went with it. I created the 3D Chrome version, which has a much more exclusive feeling than the original, and also emphasized the need to have a flat 2D verison for use in media where the delicate gradations of the 3D version might not be reproduced so well.

As an aside...

One of my favorite guitar players, Rik Emmett, once said "if you copy an idea from someone else, it's called plagiarism. If you copy yourself, it's called style." See if you recognize the navigation buttons for Marsha's site...I originally created them for her, then liked them so well, I modified them slightly and re-used them here.

The website design went opposite what most financial planners do, which is to include tons of calculators and detailed financial content. Statistics reveal no one bothers to even look at all that stuff.

The reality is that visitors to her site have already been to one of her seminars. Their goal is to simply "check her out" and re-establish in their own minds that she is a credible and trustworthy service provider before they commit to a one-on-one appointment. That's it. That's all the site is for, and the window dressing around that simple goal needed to convey success, credibility and comfort. I'd like to think we succeeded.

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