VisionMenu Software

VisionMenu is an online software application developed by Ron Martin's company, The Vision of F&I. F&I stands for finance & insurance. Their mission is to help automotive and powersports vehicle dealers sell more effectively by putting loan insurance, extended warranty and other options related to the sales closing process at the fingertips of the dealer. In short, VisionMenu walks both dealer and customer smoothly though the closing process, so all options are presented clearly and no details are missed.

Our mission was to design an updated brochure that would present Vision Menu in a dynamic way while touting the latest advances in the software's benefits. And therein lies a tale - a good example of how we can strike out on the first attempt, and then use what we learn to arrive at a successful creative solution.

Here's a screen shot of the previous years' design, created elsewhere :

OK. It's not bad, exactly, but there were a few things that we found concerning. The biggie is the front cover. Take a look at this closeup :

Two red flags : First of all, the logo is very 1992. Remember when the Mac first came out? For the first time ever, you could do desktop publishing, and that meant you could create designs that utilized multiple fonts or various sizes and in various orientations. The problem was, many people DID, and the result was a wealth of extremely poor designs. This logo bears all the earmarks of that trend. In short, yuck.

Now, in truth, Ron had not asked us to design a new logo for him per se - we were to design a brochure - so dissing the logo might mean stepping on toes. But it was definitely a concern. Fortunately, salvation came through the side door. In fact, Ron wanted to downplay the company name in favor of bringing the product name - VisionMenu - front and center. This seemed like a really wise direction anyway, so the logo issue became a non-issue.

The other concern had to do with the overall look of the cover. A decidedly non-scientific straw poll revealed that when asked "What kind of company is this?" - with no other information to go on than a quick glance at the cover - 100% of respondees agreed with our own assessment : It's an optometrist.

Well, here's where we blew it. We created a design that was eminently logical (at least if you agree with our logic, and the client did not!). Without getting too deep into the psychology of our solution, let's just say we came up withg a cover concept that we thought was more corporate, with more muted colors, and a far less energetic design. We also wanted to convey that this was clearly about selling and closing even at first glance :

Not bad...only one problem : Ron hated it. Logically, it met the criteria, but on the viceral level that's so very important, it just didn't grab. Back to the drawing board. Happily, we worked with Ron to restore and exceed the energy of the previous design, plus we added a better level of clarity  organization to the brochure's interior. Here's the final solution :

Automotive Brochure Outside :

Automotive Brochure Inside :

Powersports Brochure Outside :

Powersports Brochure Inside :